Oh How I Love His Presence!

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today during church service we sang one of my favorite songs called “Here in Your Presence”. I absolutely love this song and every time I’ve ever sang that song at any church, I’ve felt the presence of God in a powerful way. When you call on the name of the Lord and invite His presence He definitely hears us and shows up.

There’s nothing like the presence of God. The Bible says that we have the ability to call the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. That means we can call on His presence to be amongst us. It’s amazing that we don’t even have to be at a church to do this. I mean Isaiah encountered the presence of God by himself and in that presence of God the Lord revealed to Isaiah his sin, and at the same time cleansed him of it and then commissioned him in his calling. The presence of God is so awesome and we can be completely transformed like Isaiah while in it.

When Solomon completed the building the temple of the Lord, the presence of God showed up and was so thick that they weren’t even able to conduct their normal service. That’s POWER!

The presence of God was so heavy on Peter that his very shadow healed those that he passed by. We carry the presence of God within us as we are His dwelling place because we are His temple. He resides in us and He is “Immanuel” which means “God with us”.

Let us be a people who saturate our selves in the presence of God daily by personal prayer, worship, and devotion. It’s in His presence where He’ll reveal His secrets (Jeremiah 33:3);  it’s in His presence that He’ll commission you (Isaiah 6:9); it’s in His presence where He’ll whisper that word of encouragement (I Kings 19:12); it’s in His presence where we draw our strength from to face the day (Luke 22:43).

It’s in His presence where we are undone!

keep it burning…


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