Have You Been Comparing?

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was at the gym not too long ago working on my biceps feeling pretty buff. I had 25 lbs. dumb bells in my each hand and I was going to town, so I thought until I looked over to my right. I saw another guy about my age with 100 lbs. dumb bells in each hand going to town like it was nothing new under the sun. By this time I had lost all motivation and concentration as I watched this young buck doing what I was doing, but better , and on a whole different level. I quickly put my dumb bells down and proceeded to find another work out to do which messed up my entire routine for that night.

I feel like there is a definite parallel to youth workers and this story. In youth ministry you can find yourself doing what God has called you to do on your level and doing it well. Then you end up looking at another youth pastor’s ministry who seems to be thriving more than you, growing faster than you, having a bigger budget than you, and then it easily throws you off of concentrating on what God has for YOU. You sometimes even find yourself attempting to mirror that very same youth ministry in hopes of getting the same results, but the truth is that you aren’t that youth pastor and that isn’t your youth ministry.

The truth is that God has called YOU, yup! That’s right, God has called YOU for such a time as this to be right where you’re at to do what HE’s called you to do and not what others are doing. The problem with ministry now is that it has started to reflect this-worldly culture of quick results and if you’re not getting microwave speed results then you must being doing something wrong. That’s a lie! The Bible declares that an inheritance quickly gained will not be blessed in the end. Maybe you’re in a season right now of turning the soil, maybe you’re in a season of planting seed, maybe you’re in a season of waiting on the harvest but wherever you are don’t grow tired in doing good for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.

Here’s a P.S. for you….not every ministry is called to be a Mega Church ministry. Anyone with a big budget and a creative team can pack a building and grow a youth ministry but only a Shepherd can grow people.

  1. Kay Adkisson says:

    Excellent word!

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