The Other Side

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Has Jesus ever asked you to go to the other side? Has he ever asked you to jump in the boat and trust that where He was going to take you would be legit? Some of you are like what in the world is he talking about? Don’t worry…I’m going somewhere with this…trust me!

Have you ever prayed that prayer for the Lord to do something new in your life? If you said “no” then you’re lying to yourself and this BLOG. The truth is that most of us in ministry have prayed that prayer once, and if not more than once. What I find interesting is that anytime that I’ve prayed that prayer I have found myself dealing with difficult situations that have tested my faith and dedication. What do I mean? Well, if you look at the story in the Bible  where Jesus told the disciples to get in the boat because He was going to take them to the other side you’ll find that the disciples found themselves on a boat in the middle of a huge storm. This storm was crazy, I mean it was to the point where the disciples thought that they were going to die, yet they didn’t.

This storm really tested their trust and faith in Jesus, who happened to be asleep in the boat while it was being tossed around. There’s a great point in this story and I’m getting to it. I’ve noticed in my personal ministry journey that anytime the Lord has attempted to take me to the other side or to a new place, I’ve had to go through some pretty tough storms. I mean the type of storms that have caused me to question the Lord and my faith. Anytime the Lord is going to take you to a new height or a new level in your life and in your ministry there will definitely be a time of testing on the way there.

I firmly believe that this testing is measure of your faith. It’s so easy to desire great and new things but the real question that maybe the Lord is asking is, “Can I trust him/her with this new thing?” or “Is he/she really as ready as they think they are for this new thing?”.

Maybe you’re dealing with some difficult storms in your youth ministry right now, be encouraged…maybe the Lord is taking you to the other side and this is just part of the growing process.

keep it burning…


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