How to Split Your Youth Group

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized


My youth ministry coach Kevin Moore has inspired me to Blog on my youth ministry journey so here it goes!

We at Ignite Youth Ministries are experiencing a new season and a great season at that. I have been at my church almost two years come November and it has been a very challenging, yet a great journey so far. I feel like we’re at a place in where the clay is finally soft and ready to be molded into the vision that the Lord has given me.

We are getting ready to step out into uncharted territory in which is is exciting and that my friends is vision unfolding. Vision is stepping into the uncertain place that the Lord has revealed to you and that you’ve never journeyed through before.

We are gearing up to launch our Jr. High service in just a few weeks and we are super pumped for it. We have actually taken this process very seriously and had to develop a year long strategy that would help prepare students, volunteers, and parents for the transition.

The reason that we’re separating Jr. High and Sr. High is because we have come to the conclusion that these two groups are extremely different and are in need of two different approaches that we can’t provide in one combined service. We noticed that we were either going to preach to the Sr. Higher’s and go over the Jr. Higher’s heads or preach to the Jr. Higher’s and lose the Sr. Higher’s.

Of course having a room full of 120+ students is great especially if you’re crammed in there and it looks full. I mean there are so many benefits to this such as serving of ego, great energy, it looks good on the books, but in the end we were not able to focus on the two different groups to the capacity that we wanted to.

In my next few Blogs I will be sharing what steps we took to lead us up to this point and what we’re doing for discipleship in these two groups. I am not claiming to be an expert in youth ministry or a Doug Fields but I thought it might help a few of you YP’s or YL’s who are in youth ministry.

keep it burning…


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