This Ain’t No Overnight Success

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

ImageI have to say that the night we split our Jr. High and High School Services I was totally bummed out and yet excited at the same time. I’m not going to lie and say that our first high school service wasn’t brutal. It was just plain awkward not having the room full and feeling like we had lost so many students. I thought we were done for yet I also understood that when you make any change the program will suffer for a moment but later pick up.

Once the 2nd week rolled around I was terrified at the thought of what service was going to look like and to top it off we were having a guest speaker so I thought we were going to be in trouble. To my surprise, the 2nd service we had was great, and the 3rd was even better, and last night was HUGE!

A few things that we’ve noticed in the past four weeks from splitting our Jr. High and High School.

1. Jr. High has tripled in size in just four weeks

2. Our High School student attendance has increased by 30%

3. We already see that we are able to be more intentional about relationships and connectivity with students

4. There is a sense of ownership with the students and because of that they’re bringing their friends

5. We are able to do better at follow up and we’re seeing first time students come back and bring friends when they do return

6. There is a new sense of excitement within our leadership team because

7. We are able to appropriately preach/teach the same message but we make it fit to their context

We recognize that we are riding the wave right not and we must continue to lean on the Lord for His guidance and direction acknowledging that it is because of Him that we are seeing these results. We have also been laying down a NEW foundation for almost two years to arrive at this place so in actuality this was not what you would call an “Overnight Success” but rather a “Process of Success”!

keep it burning…


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