How We Do Outreach at Ignite

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

We totally believe in Outreach at Ignite Student Ministries and because of that we came up with a game plan to reach more students for Jesus.

If you’re a youth pastor or a youth worker you know that you can’t reach students as well as your students can, therefore it’s our job to empower them to do so and because of this we developed what we call “The Andrew Project”.

The Andrew Project is based on Andrew who brought His brother Peter to Jesus and when translated in the original language it literally means that Andrew carried Peter to Jesus. What a great concept and illustration of the passion that Andrew had towards bringing his brother to Jesus. With this we didn’t want to simply create an “invite night” but rather a “bring your friend night”.

So what do we do?

1. Every 6 weeks we do and Andrew Project night during a Wednesday night gathering and we literally pump this night up BIG time with promotion.

2. Our creative team develops a theme or concept that would make this night different from all of the other night’s. You don’t need a creative team to do this if you don’t have one-you and a leader are you’re creative team. To get ideas it’s best to see what season your students are in. For example, football season, winter formal, prom, etc and then you can come up with some really cool themes.

3. We make sure that we develop a time of community after our gathering in order to be able to connect with new students

4. We create an incentive for our church kids to bring the most amount of first time guests as possible (right now some of you would say that the joy of mere salvation for a lost friend should be enough incentive and that’s where I would say “get real”! This is true but it’s an extra boost to get students to move into action)

4. We are super intentional about our service. We actually shorten our service to allow more room at the end for our altar workers to meet with students who want to accept Jesus and so that we can really have more community after service.

5. I never ask the students who come up for salvation to repeat a prayer. I ask them to come up and our altar workers take them to our VIP Sweet and I allow them to explain what it means to accept Christ and then lead them in prayer. We want to be super intentional and not just create a hype with their emotions.

6. We also make sure to be super intentional with all of our first time guests. We extract all of our first time guests during our announcements to our VIP Sweet and we have them fill out our guest cards. We also give them free food and have a hospitality team that introduces themselves and explains our service and ministries (we do this every week).

7. Lastly, I make sure to send a text message, a personal hand written card, and a phone call to all of our first time guest. If God brought them to us we want to make sure that we’re good stewards and follow-up on our end.

What’s going to be our next Andrew Project Theme?

In January we’re doing a generation service for Jr. High and High School students in our gym and the theme is going to be “Winter Wonderland”. We’re making like a winter formal for students with tables, hors d’oeuvres, picture stations, and me and my Jr. High pastor will tag team preach and we are super pumped!

You ARE ABLE to do GREATthings-don’t box yourself in!

keep it burning…


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