Never Say Never

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

wewehn07nn1p8c6t3nn0Have you ever had those moments in life in where you said that you would never do something only to later find yourself doing the very thing that you said that you would never do? For instance, I said that I would never marry a Cuban and so did my wife and look at us now. We are two Cubans married with two Cuban babies. I also said that I would never live in Bakersfield and that’s where we have lived for the past two years doing ministry. I had someone tell me once that I should say that I’ll never go to Hawaii so I did and a few months later I won a free vacation for my wife and I to Hawaii. The Lord has a great sense of humor.

One thing that I thought was always going to be an absolute in my life was youth ministry. I remember telling people that I would never leave youth ministry, as so do many youth pastors, and I also said that I would never be a senior pastor. You’re probably thinking to yourself, does this guy ever learn? The answer to that is “I guess not”. For the last several months God has really been dealing with Ashley and I in a crazy way. We started to feel a shift within us and we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. All of this happened when I was approached about the possibility of church planting. When we were first approached we thought that there was no way that this was for us and left it at that, but as time passed, we couldn’t stop thinking about it. Through the course of several different events, Ashley and I have felt the tug from God to step out of youth ministry and into the unknown of becoming church planters in Los Angeles. We love the city and more so than that we love LA and the lost!

We have resigned from Bakersfield First Assembly as the Student Ministry Pastors and as the Director of Elevate School of Ministry to pursue church planting in LA. We are coming on staff at Clarity Church in Santa Monica under the leadership of Nathan and Jessica Kollar to learn about church planting for the next year. After that first year we will be launched to plant a Clarity Church in the heart of Hollywood.We are leaving it all and the comfort of what we have known to become missionaries to the city.

The Bello’s are going to miss our church family, our youth and young adults, our Elevate students, our leadership team, and our pastoral team who is like family. At the same time we are extremely excited and a tad bit scared…ok so I lied, we’re totally freaking out but in a good way. We have such a heart for Los Angeles and the culture especially with my wife being in the makeup industry and myself who came from the fashion industry. We really feel like we can plant a missional church through the guiding hand of the Lord in Hollywood.

We ask that you please pray for us and after that we would ask that you would pray for us again…lol! We will spend the next year pastoring, training, speaking, and raising financial support.

We want to thank you for believing in us and for being apart of our lives.

keep it burning…

  1. John Dewey says:

    Pastor Alberto,

    You and Ashley are amazing and even though it is a HUGE loss for us here at Bakersfield First Assembly, it is a tremendous gain for the church planting program and the lost in Los Angeles.

    I am really fired up to see what God is going to do through you and Ashley.

    Thanks for being a great example for many.

    We love you guys and support you 1000%.

  2. Linda Zunaby says:

    I am so moved by this. I am praying for you 4 (I see 5) and as you are doing the work of our Father I speak privion, health, peace, and miracles! You both are beautiful servant’s and I am blessed to be apart of this spiritual journey with you.

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  4. martin says:

    Ashley and Alberto;

    I love you both so much and will be praying for both of you and your two wonderful babies. I am so proud of you, and I am happy to hear that you are embarking on the next Level in your God given ministry. I love you guys so much and count on me and my crew for what ever you need in. See you guys soon. God bless.
    Martin (Alphaluv)

  5. Gayelee Reynolds says:

    Ummmm YEAH been there DONE that! NOW look at me… Back in Youth Ministry after saying NEVER!
    Proud of the Bellos and love you toooo pieces!
    Rock it — like I know you will
    Much love
    Sista Gayelee

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